IPTV Installation Tutorial

Before You Start:

  1. Identify Your Device’s Operating System: Determine whether your device runs on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, or another operating system.
  2. Locate Your Device’s App Store: Search for your device’s native app store, such as the App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, or Mac App Store.
  3. Explore IPTV Apps: Search for “IPTV Players” within the app store to browse available applications.

IPTV Player Options:

IPTV players come in both free and paid versions. Some free apps may offer optional paid subscriptions for additional features, such as remote control capabilities.

General App Setup:

Most IPTV player apps share similar setup processes:

  1. Provide a Random Name: Enter a unique name for your IPTV playlist.
  2. Enter the IPTV URL: Input either the full IPTV URL (M3U) or a combination (Xtream Code Api) of the username, password, and URL.
  3. Upload IPTV Playlist File (Optional): If you have an IPTV playlist file, you can upload it directly to the app instead of entering the URL. To do this, select the “Import Playlist” or “Add File” option within the app and navigate to the location where the playlist file is saved.

Operating Systems

Operating Systems

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